"Ma Belle" originated on the acoustic guitar. It was born out of a groovy guitar riff that just feels like summer. After adding a comforting & warm piano track, writing the main catchy vocal melody just came out naturally. This song evolved into an all-out summer song that celebrates that special someone in your life. Whether they are in reach, out of reach, real, or just a figment of imagination, this song celebrates life & love around the world by crossing borders and incorporating the French saying "Ma Belle" (My Beautiful) into an English song. This is a tribute to Adri Lavigne's French-American identity. 

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The chorus of "Himalayas" started as a catchy vocal melody stuck in the back of my head. The word Himalayas has such a nice ring to it and it sounds great, it's fun to sing. This song is up for interpretation, but has a hidden meaning about global warming. It is a letter from my generation to the one that preceded us, using the Himalayas as a symbol when shining a light on this complex and controversial topic.

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"On My Mind" is a pure burst of energy. This sunny acoustic pop song co-produced and mixed by English Record Producer & Mixing Engineer, Tim Palmer, dives right into summer with an upbeat & happy vibe. This song describes a perfect someone. 

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"All From You" takes you up close and personal with intimate lyrics & an unplugged acoustic style. This easy-to-listen to & ballad-like tune is a thank you to those who impact your life in a positive way & help you grow into a better & stronger person. It's an expression of being thankful for those people in your life who have your back, and always will. "All From You" is an airy and raw-sounding acoustic track with lots of space, meaningful lyrics, hand-picked acoustic guitar riffs, breathy falsettos & nostalgic vibes. 

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