Turn your story, your family's, friends, or special ones into a one-of-a-kind song that will live on forever. 

Tell me about which story you want to eternalize, what occasion it's for, and your preferred genre, tempo, mood, and tone of voice. You will be involved throughout the songwriting process, and hear your story unfold into your new go-to anthem to share with your friends, family, and loves ones. 

Writing your custom song can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to finish, depending on my and your inspiration. The more information you provide me with, the better :) I recommend you let me know 2-3 weeks in advance to be safe. It can be much shorter than that, but you never know. This process might involve the occasional 5-minute secretive facetime brainstorming session and song evolution sneak peek between you and I. 

Whether it be to celebrate the story of you & your loved one (Valentine's Day, Anniversaries, Weddings), an inside joke song for your group of friends or bff (Roasting, Feel Good Jam, BFF Banger), to celebrate a birthday, or just because - I've got you !

I can write in English, Spanish, and French (or all of the above or a combination of 2 within the same song). 

I charge 199$ per song, which can be delivered in various ways: MP3, CD, Spotify, Youtube (Custom Video possible), and/or Soundcloud.

Get in touch to inquire / get started by sending an email to: adrimusicatx@gmail.com