ORB Recording Studios, Austin, TX

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Passionate French-American, Singer/Songwriter born & raised in a 300 people village in the countryside of France, before moving to Austin, TX at the age of 10. 

Acoustic Pop vibes, Charming Melodies, and Catchy Songs summarize Adri's style & Ability to write and perform original and cover songs fluently in English, Spanish, and French.  

Influenced by Jonh Mayer, Ed Sheeran, Jason Mraz, James Blunt, Passenger, & Jack Johnson.

Inspired by cultures, love, traveling, & adventure...



The Big Move

I was originally born & raised in a 300 people village in the countryside of France, called Géraudot. There was, by far, a greater population of chickens, roosters, sheep, and cows, than actual people. That being said I grew up with amazing close friends that lived in that same village. I moved to Austin at the age of 10 not knowing where Texas was on a map and only knowing how to say "Yes" and "No" in English. The reason I moved was because my dad’s job took us to the States. So we moved, to the States, not knowing anybody there, not speaking the language, and leaving everyone we knew and loved in France. As you can imagine it definitely was not always easy during that period of time. Language barriers, culture shocks, failing grades, conflict, and headaches became a daily routine for the entire family for years. 

Now, 12 years later, I think I finally managed English pretty well, and picked up Spanish along the way. I was fortunate enough to be able to live, study, and travel to several places in Latin America, which pushed me to become trilingual. 

Music Beginnings

I first started playing guitar when I first moved from France to the U.S when I was 10. My dad gave me a tiny little electric Fender guitar that I learned to play on. Before even learning the names of the notes and the chords, I would jump straight into trying to write songs, not knowing any of the basic chords. The songs were awful, but that’s how I learned to play guitar. As the years went by, the songs I would write would get better, and my guitar playing would get better along the way. I changed that tiny little Fender electric guitar for an acoustic guitar. I started out listening to a lot of Jack Johnson and John Mayer and would just jam away. After consistently trying to write better and better songs on the guitar, it’s as if I went from playing really bad to playing really well out of nowhere. The songs I would write would get noticeably better and so did my guitar playing, so I just started humming along to those songs I had written on the guitar, and that’s how I started singing. 

The more I got inspired, the better the songs would come out, the better I would play, the better I would sing, and my lyrics became less and less silly. Personal experiences growing up, love stories, and traveling heavily inspired the songs I would write. I listened back to a lot of old voice memos I recorded of the songs I wrote, picked my favorite ones, and worked those songs over and over again to perfection them. The thing is, as I kept growing and maturing, my idea of perfection with these songs also evolved, so some of those songs I wrote years ago, ended up evolving and maturing along with me to this day. Some of these songs, guitar riffs, choruses, or verses are now part of my first album I just recorded at ORB Studios. coming out this Spring 2019. 

I was fortunate enough to have the support from the right people that always pushed me to be better, so that my songs could become the best they could be. Thanks to their contributions, advice, inputs, and feedback, I improved, and so did my songs. 


What I love about being a singer/songwriter is the idea of creating something from scratch that people all around the world could connect to. It’s the satisfaction of being able to tell a personal story in melody. To create something, leave a mark, & make an impact that could possibly outlive you one day. I will always be a songwriter, whether I do it professionally or not, it will always be a passion - and that’s a great feeling. 


Stay on the lookout for my first album coming this Spring 2019 recorded at ORB Studios with the talented Matt Noveskey and Matt Meli as co-producers, but for now, check me out and follow me on Spotify (5 song EP available), Instagram, Facebook, iTunes, & Youtube! (Links below)

I’m currently living in Austin, TX and offer Trilingual Acoustic sets around the city, I have my own PA System, if you’re interested, check out my live videos & get in contact with me at Adrimusicatx@gmail.com