Credits: Nicola Gell


Singer/Songwriter born & raised in a 300 people village in the countryside of France, before moving to Austin in 2006.

Acoustic Culture, Passionate Vocals, Charming Melodies, and Rhythmic roots all contribute to Adri's catchy songwriting process. 

Trilingual in English, Spanish, and French, Adri composes and performs in 3 languages, singing his melodic stories and experiences along the way.

Influenced by Jonh Mayer, Ed Sheeran, Jason Mraz, James Blunt, Passenger, & Jack Johnson.

Adri worked with Matt Noveskey of Blue October as his co-producer on his "Take Me Home" and "Sunrise" EPs in 2019. 

With a never-ending passion for songwriting, Adri continues to explore his songwriting abilities and experiment new sounds while drawing Inspiration from cultures, love, traveling, & adventure...


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